Recent Events

The Heritage Centre

The Group has been fundraising very diligently over many years to build a Heritage Centre for Cooroy - Noosa District.  The photographs following show a little of the actual work to get to our present facility.

Land is ready, fences are up.

Ready to go.



                                                                        Slab is laid.

This section is under construction. More photos and a timeline will be added. Please be patient.

Events During 2016

The German Group celebrated the end of the year with a morning tea on the 16th November 2016. This photo was taken by Gebrielle Naulty (who refused to have her photo taken). From left are Joy Dinte (visitor from Nambour), Lola MacDonald, Faye Patrick, Carol Salisbury (visitor and relative of Ann), Ann Kenzler, Maureen Robertson and Carol Berry

The Group is busily fund raising for a permanent building. Part of this was a Pot Luck Luncheon held on 13th August 2016, in the Anglican Church Hall.

On the left are Win and Gaby on the door. The right photo shows some of the guests enjoying themselves, with Victor Hill at the back.

Each year, the Group conducts a walk of the heritage aspects of Cooroy. This was conducted with the Noosa Long Weekend this year on Sat. 23rd July 2016. The walk was guided by Phil McGrath and was attended by 25 walkers. It was followed by afternoon tea and a presentation of heritage photos.

This photograph was taken on the bridge over the railway.

For a long time now, the Group has been fortunate to have a sausage sizzle at Bunnings once a month. This last month (15th July 2016) was a particularly good one where the gross takings was over $1000. All the better for the building fund.

A few of the hard workers are shown here. From left, Gloria, Gayle, Peggy, John H. Lynn and Victor. Well done to all the workers, it was a busy day.

The Group enjoyed a special afternoon tea and get together on the 9th July 2016 for our 20th Birthday. We were all interested to hear the minutes of the first meeting and the planning for the basic requirements of genealogy. All felt that we had come a long way since then.

Bev Warner, Julie Kinloch and Margaret Rickard with Glen Elmes.

Our Group is very lucky to have Julie Kinloch as Secretary - she is an outstanding member. Julie  recently received a Noosa Electorate Queensland Day Award presented by Glen Elmes on June 6th 2016. Since 1996 she has filled several roles on the committee and her expertise has helped the Group successfully apply for many grants and raise much needed funds. Julie continues to work tirelessly on the Group's behalf and is recognised for her work towards the building of a Heritage Centre for the preservation of local and family history archives.

Bev Warner, Julie Kinloch and Margaret Rickard with Glen Elmes.