Pioneer Family Stories

Pioneer Family Stories

This is an index of Family Stories from the CD. If you have an interest in any name shown, forward a completed Research Application to the Group by email or post.


  • Anderson: Timbermen
  • Armitage: Teamsters


  • Berg: An English War Bride
  • Boden: Your Wants Supplied
  • Bonnell and Bennett: Dairymen from New South Wales
  • Brockhurst: The Girls Worked the Farm
  • Brogden: Stacking Cordwood was an Art
  • Brown and Krogh: The Home is No More Than a Memory
  • Bryant: Mary's Favourite Place


  • Caddell: Building Was a Family Business
  • Cambage: Settlers Arrive
  • Collett: At Tinbeerwah
  • Crank and Row: Life was a Ball
  • Crees: Horseshoes in Maple Street
  • Crozier and Dixon: Brooklet

D - G

  • Dinsey: Group Selectors
  • Douglas, Fisher and Nowell: Three Ladies Named Annie
  • Duke: The Father of Cooroy
  • Fenwick: Sawmillers and Builders
  • Fraser: Pioneering at Black Mountain
  • Grant: Settlers at Pinbarren

H - K

  • Hapgood: Grandmother was a Storyteller
  • Hooper and Bennet: By Bullock Wagon to Tinbeerwah
  • Hull: Lone Hand
  • Ireland and Clugston: A Close-Knit Family
  • Kay and Basing: Carriers and Mechanics
  • King: The DMK Milking Machines
  • Kinmond: In Search of Fine Timbers


  • Lack: Bakers at their best
  • Lamont and Geary: Promised Land
  • Lennox: Harry was a 'Jack Of All Trades'
  • Livingstone: A Cheerful and Tireless Worker
  • Lowe: Mona Plantation
  • Luke: Sunny Brae and Barrine
  • Luya: Settlement at Mill Point


  • Mahoney: A Lovely Town
  • Marryatt & McKenzie: A Typical Country Store
  • Martin and Robinson: Schoolmaster to Dairyfarmer
  • McAnally: A Wonderful Life
  • McGrath: But Life was Fun
  • McKay: Nothing was Wasted
  • McLean: He Built Rowboats
  • Munro: A Hut on Lawnville Road
  • Murdoch: Glenlyn

N - R

  • Newson: Shipbuilder to Homebuilder
  • Page and Davis: Tourists at the Lake
  • Payne: Top-Class Ladyfingers
  • Pickering and Sutton: Memories of Moy Pocket
  • Poulsen: Little Denmark
  • Powell: Bananas at Ferrells Road
  • Reid: The Beekeeper
  • Row: Memories from a Granddaughter
  • Row: The Trade Palace


  • Savage and Atkinson: They Enjoyed Life
  • Sealy: On old Tewantin Road
  • Sivyer and Ronlund: Devon Park
  • Smith and Knowles: We Each Rode a Pony to School
  • Smith and Spickett: Life is What You Make It
  • Smith George and Edna: Farming at Smith's Road
  • Smith RW: Bakers in the 1920s


  • Tait: Horse Drawn Coach Service
  • Taylor: Selectors at Ferrells Road
  • Tomlin: The Music Maker
  • Tutt: From Scrub to Banana Patch


  • Walker: Bonnie Brae
  • Wall: The Order Man
  • Walter: Days on the Farm - Free and Easy
  • Warner: People We've Known
  • White: We Walked to the Dances
  • Wimmer: Recipes From the Homeland